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    Kevin Mulvey

    After spending 6-7 weeks driving through baja from San Diego, I wanted to share this book as a valuable resource. Travelers Guide to Camping Mexico’s Baja is written by Church & Church, who have many travel books of this kind for various destination.

    It is a great resource if you are traveling by camper, or even by car with the intention of camping. Throughout The book talks about many different camping options in each region it covers, so you are not mapping your way through one persons journey through a place. Its great because it gives you options to choose your own adventures.

    We had been using the 5th edition but i think they just came out with the 6th which i am sure updates some of the things we found issue with.

    All-in-all, a great resource for Baja travel.

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    Some documentation to take care of BEFORE leaving on your trip! Not the fun stuff, but really important!

    1. Purchase full coverage for Mexican vehicle insurance from a reliable broker BEFORE crossing over into Mexico. We had AAA (Triple A) so we were easily able to go into their office and just add it to our policy for fairly cheap.

    2. Stop at the border and get your FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) from Mexican Immigration (INM). This is your legal permission to be in Mexico as a tourist – also known as a tourist permit or a tourist visa. You will need your valid passport. The people wearing uniforms at the border are Aduana (Customs) not Immigration. You need to park your vehicle and go into the INM office.

    3. Make multiple copies of your driver license and passport. It’s a good idea to give a couple copies to some friends before you leave but it’s good to keep them on you in case of emergencies too.

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