Welcome to our Wedding Website!

We are so happy you are here and are considering sharing in our big day with us! As many of you know, Kevin and I have been busy traveling the world and we’re looking forward to returning to the states to kick off an amazing party with all the people we love so dearly! This website includes all the information you need to know about our big day. While attention to detail is our strong suit, some information might be overlooked – so please let us know if something is missing! Check back for updates as we get closer to the big day!

When: Monday, October 14th 2019

Where: Asheville, NC

The Venue: Hidden River: 30 Hidden River Dr. Swannanoa, NC 28778

Ceremony start time: TBD

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Registry: Click Here! (Coming Soon)


As we’ve been sharing our wedding plans, the first thing everyone asks us is “Why Asheville?!”. Why not Block Island (where we got engaged) or New Hampshire (where Lindsey is from) or San Diego (where we met) or even on a resort in Mexico with all the traveling we have been doing. Well, as we looked at our list of what we want out of a wedding venue, all those options began to get knocked off the table for one reason or another. In searching for a venue that gave us what we wanted (or close to it), we spoke to one of Kevin’s cousins who suggested we look in the Asheville North Carolina area. So, we began to do our research into this magical town, and it quickly became clear that all signs pointed to Asheville! It’s an eclectic, artsy, outdoorsy, musical, environmentally conscious, diverse and fun town! This town provides something for everyone to explore, and we loved the idea of picking a location that other people might not think to travel to on their own. Kevin and I are convinced that you will all fall in love with it just like we did. On top of all that, there is a good portion of Kevin’s family that lives close by in Charlotte, including his 90-year-old Grandma, so we knew that Asheville would be a convenient location for her to attend.

It’s important to us to have a wedding experience where we had time to connect with all of YOU so with that being said, we would love for as many people to come out for the entire weekend if your schedule allows it!



Stay tuned, we will be sharing information about a hotel block very soon.

Home Rentals:

If you’re a real go getter there are so many great and unique AirBnb/Home Away options in and around the Asheville area. Click HERE to follow a link to AirBnb’s in Asheville! If you go this route, we suggest getting a spot as close to the venue or hotel as possible. We will be arranging a shuttle to the venue, but it will only be going to and from the hotel.

What to wear:  

Ladies: The ceremony and the cocktail hour will most likely be on a lawn (weather permitting) please consider shoe options as your heels will be sinking into the grass. However, the reception and dancing will be on solid ground. The weather in October varies – the reception tent will have walls and heaters if needed but best to check the weather ahead of time and dress accordingly. Oh, and start putting the warm weather vibes out there!

Getting around:

We will be providing a shuttle service for hotel guests to get to and from the wedding, that information will be released as the event gets closer. However, Lyft and Uber are readily available for any of your transportation needs.

Getting to Asheville:

Asheville does have a Regional Airport and they do offer some direct flights from major hubs (Chicago, DC, Florida, Newark) but you will most likely have to connect through another airport to get into Asheville. Another option for getting to Asheville is flying into Charlotte, NC. However, the ride from Charlotte to Asheville is about two hours so a rental car or other transportation would need to be arranged.

Things to do around Asheville:

Well we dragged you all the way out here! Now what?!

Historical Biltmore Estate

Follow this link to get additional information about things to do in Asheville.

Places to eat/drink: