About Us


If you haven’t figured it out yet – the idea for the name of our website came to us when we realized that if we combined our names together it spelled Livin (LIndsey and keVIN). This is exceptionally fitting because our time spent together as a couple has included non-stop adventuring and wanderlust (hence the inspiration for the first half of our website). If you look up the definition of living in the dictionary it will tell you: “the pursuit of a lifestyle of the specified type” our “lifestyle of a specified type” is currently quitting our jobs to travel the world.

This has been something we have been discussing for the past five years and while there were times when it felt like it may never happen, at the beginning of 2017 we came up with a plan and put it in ACTION. In July 2017 we left our jobs and house in San Diego, converted our truck into a camper and set off to discover America (and also watch eight of our friends get married). While our original “vision” didn’t include so much travel in the grande ole’ US of A we had a blast exploring our own backyard.

In November of 2017 we left the comfort of the United States and headed south of the border to Mexico. We traveled for seven weeks through the Baja Peninsula and crossed over to the mainland in late December. Originally, we had allotted only 2 months for Mexico - but as it turns out there was WAY more to see than we originally thought. Those two months quickly turned into 6 months! We spent a month in Belize, a month in Guatemala, and made it as far south as Honduras. In late July we made the decision to turn around and drop off our trusty truck, Poppins, back in the States. Currently we are regrouping back home and are set to take back off February 2th, 2019. This time we will be turning in the truck and trading it with our backpacks! Sign up for our email list to receive updates directly to your inbox!

All our Love,
LIndsey & KeVIN