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    Kevin Mulvey

    So I found a pretty great podcast for learning spanish, wondering if there are others out there I can try out.

    The one I found is called Complete Spanish: Language Transfer. The style of learning they use has been pretty effective for me. Basically have you focus on NOT memorizing words and phrases, but more understanding where the words are derived from. There are lots of words we use in english that came from latin words, but the the same goes for spanish so the words are very similar. I suggest checking this one out if you are trying to learn the language.

    Any other good ones out there?

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    Jared Butler

    Have you looked into http://www.fluentin3months.com? It was started by an Irish guy named Benny who just so happened to be part of my BM camp in 2011. He’s broken learning a language down to a simple lifehack. Check it out.

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