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    Kevin Mulvey

    Just wanted to see if anyone has any tips or advice for our first leg of our travels down the Baja peninsula. We are doing the drive from San Diego to Cabo, taking our time and staying at campgrounds along the way. Any points of interest, things to know, places to go, or places to avoid?

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    Kevin Mulvey

    Just wanted to share a spot we just visited in northern Baja. Sierra de San Pedro Mártir National Park is about 5.5-6 hours from San Diego and is a cool national park amidst huge pine trees and the tallest mountains in the Baja peninsula. Its cheap to visit, super safe, and gorgeous. There are lots of large campsites, many with multiple fire pits. The campsites can fit like 15 people comfortably, and they even give you free wood for the fires.

    There is lots of hiking all around the park, and the wildlife features one of very few places in the world where the North American Condor lives. There is a big observatory at the top of one of the mountains that they give tours of as well. Definitely a cool long weekend camping trip outside of San Diego, worth checking out.

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    I climbed Picacho Del Diablo, the highest peak in the park (and in all of Baja) many years ago. Watched the sunset over the Pacific, slept on top, and watched the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez. It’s a wonderful place!

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